Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My experience while researching and writing research paper

Exactly, I had a good time more than difficult time when I wrote my research paper because I really want to do this research paper. Therefore, when I faced the difficulties, I did not think that it was a problem. I just solved the problems and did it in a correct way. Now I have known how to write the good research paper even though my research paper this time is not a perfect one. However, I will try to do my best the next time when I have to write the research paper again. I would like to say thank you so much Ms. Azimi because you are a good instructor. You always give me many good suggestions. I think I get successful for my research paper. Although it is not a big success, I am so proud of my attention. This is a basic thing that will lead me to write a great research paper when I study in the university. Moreover, I got a lot of new knowledge while researching and writing my research paper. First time, I thought that I knew a lot about my topic: Benefits of Eating Brown Rice. However, when I searched more information for my research paper, I wondered that there are a lot of things about benefits of brown rice that I did not know before. For example, I have already known that it has more nutritional value than regular rice, and it can help people to control weight because of a lot of fiber that it contains. Also, I have already known that it may help people stay away from some diseases, but I did not know that it has great benefits to protect people from a lot of diseases.

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