Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My experience while researching and writing research paper

Exactly, I had a good time more than difficult time when I wrote my research paper because I really want to do this research paper. Therefore, when I faced the difficulties, I did not think that it was a problem. I just solved the problems and did it in a correct way. Now I have known how to write the good research paper even though my research paper this time is not a perfect one. However, I will try to do my best the next time when I have to write the research paper again. I would like to say thank you so much Ms. Azimi because you are a good instructor. You always give me many good suggestions. I think I get successful for my research paper. Although it is not a big success, I am so proud of my attention. This is a basic thing that will lead me to write a great research paper when I study in the university. Moreover, I got a lot of new knowledge while researching and writing my research paper. First time, I thought that I knew a lot about my topic: Benefits of Eating Brown Rice. However, when I searched more information for my research paper, I wondered that there are a lot of things about benefits of brown rice that I did not know before. For example, I have already known that it has more nutritional value than regular rice, and it can help people to control weight because of a lot of fiber that it contains. Also, I have already known that it may help people stay away from some diseases, but I did not know that it has great benefits to protect people from a lot of diseases.

My success

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Reaction essay

Under Siege

There was a sergeant who killed the captain and brought his member to take over the marine ship of the government. He also arrested a hero who was a cooker in the cooking room before he and his group took over the marine ship. A group of bad guys wanted a lot of money from the government. They contacted and threatened the government. If the government does not pay them a lot of money, they are going to use the missile in order to destroy the city. However, the hero could escape from arrest and contacted with the government. Therefore, the government had a hope to keep both money and the city. The hero released some marines that were arrested and they helped each other to fight with the bad guys. Ultimately, the hero and his group won and all of the bad guys were killed. Also, the hero could destroy the missile that was already released to destroy the city.

I really like this movie because I like action movie. It can make me feel excited when I saw this movie. However, I think that it is a little bit more over action. The hero was shot many times, but he had never gotten the shot. Also, he had never gotten hurt. In contrast, when the hero shot the bad guys, they are going to die or get hurt every time. I have known that a style of action movie is the hero always win and still stay alive at the end. I can guess that what is going on from the beginning. However, I still like to watch the action movie.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Report on My Research Experience

My research topic is the benefit of eating brown rice. I should this topic because my major is food technology, so I am interested in food. Even though there are many kinds of food to choose to do the research, I chose to research about brown rice because I think that in the present, people are concerned about their health. Also, I am an Asian that eats rice to be a staple food, so I think that it is important to eat a healthy food every single day. When I researched my topic, I still have not wanted the librarian to help me because I still have not had any problems about how to find the information. I did not mean that I am an expert, and I do not want other people to help me, but the first time when I had a problem, I asked Ms. Azimi. Also, she helped me, so I have known that how I can find the information. Moreover, Ms. Azimi invited the librarian to instruct the students about how to search the information, so I have known about this. However, I think that I will want the librarians to help me in the future, and I think that they will help me as much as they can. In addition, when I researched my topic, I got many rewards. The important thing is I have known that how to find the information on the Internet. This is the most important thing because this can help me when I study in the university and have to find the information for my research. Furthermore, I have gotten more knowledge about brown rice. The first time, I knew that brown rice has a lot of benefit, but I did not know that what exactly benefits it is and how many benefits it has. However, I have known more about this when I have researched my topic. Ultimately, I still have not gotten any frustration because I love to research about this topic. Indeed, I will try to do a great job for my research paper as much as I can. I promise!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Comment about Obama Wright's Speech

Obama Wright mentioned about low class and slaves at the first of his speech. I think that he care about people who lack of opportunity. He talked about crime that will happen from low class people. Also, he paid more attention to talk about black and white people. He disagreed with his pastor because the pastor taught people that white people are better than black people. He think that pastors do not have the right to teach people about which race is better than the others. If pastors teach people about this, it can make black people become anger. He said that US problem are neither black nor white nor Latino nor Asian because he wanted to tell the audiences that we should not separate other people by their race. Everyone has the equal right. He thinks that if people are treated different from the others, they will never be able to come together. He said that many black men still lack of opportunity. Many blacks are still treated in different way from white people. I think he believe that if American still think about the race, people in this country will never be happy. In my opinion, he talked about the race because he think that the race have been changed by law for a long time, but in the people’s mind still separate and think about the race.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My research paper outline

The Benefit of eating Brown Rice.

Something that makes brown rice more beneficial than white rice are

- more nutrition value
high fiber
high vitamin and mineral

- helps to protect from many diseases
control blood pressure
control cholesterol
keep away from heart disease
prevent from asthma
decrease the risk of diabetes
prevent from colon cancer
prevent from gall stones

- maintain weight
fiber-rich food
reduce constipation

People should eat brown rice instead of white rice for many advantages.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Opinion about Pakistan Causes Worldwide YouTube Outage

In the present, the problems from the Internet affect many people in the world because the world in the present is a global network. Most people use the Internet to communicate each other and find some information. Also, many people use the Internet to pay their bill. If there are some problem happened to the Internet, it can hurt people. For example, if the Internet out of order, people who want to pay bill immediately will hurt because they cannot do that. Also, they might be charged for extra money because they pay lately. Although, the Internet sometimes affects a big problem, people still prefer using this high technology in many ways. Therefore, the communication companies should try to fix the problems that may happen to the Internet. Moreover, I have some opinions about some topics should be banned on the Internet including all of the communicating ways. I think that people who release some topic to the public should be concerned that it is suitable to public that or not because it may hurt or affect others. Also, it is good that the government and all of communication companies mention watching and having the rule to protect people from the unsuitable topic. People should deny accepting the bad information, but people sometimes don’t know that the information is good or bad. Therefore, the communication companies are responsible for releasing all of the information. It is important for everyone to respect others’ right. People should not take the right or hurt others for their advantages. It is certain that not only government and the communication companies but also everyone should worry about publishing the unsuitable information.