Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Comment about Obama Wright's Speech

Obama Wright mentioned about low class and slaves at the first of his speech. I think that he care about people who lack of opportunity. He talked about crime that will happen from low class people. Also, he paid more attention to talk about black and white people. He disagreed with his pastor because the pastor taught people that white people are better than black people. He think that pastors do not have the right to teach people about which race is better than the others. If pastors teach people about this, it can make black people become anger. He said that US problem are neither black nor white nor Latino nor Asian because he wanted to tell the audiences that we should not separate other people by their race. Everyone has the equal right. He thinks that if people are treated different from the others, they will never be able to come together. He said that many black men still lack of opportunity. Many blacks are still treated in different way from white people. I think he believe that if American still think about the race, people in this country will never be happy. In my opinion, he talked about the race because he think that the race have been changed by law for a long time, but in the people’s mind still separate and think about the race.

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