Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Report on My Research Experience

My research topic is the benefit of eating brown rice. I should this topic because my major is food technology, so I am interested in food. Even though there are many kinds of food to choose to do the research, I chose to research about brown rice because I think that in the present, people are concerned about their health. Also, I am an Asian that eats rice to be a staple food, so I think that it is important to eat a healthy food every single day. When I researched my topic, I still have not wanted the librarian to help me because I still have not had any problems about how to find the information. I did not mean that I am an expert, and I do not want other people to help me, but the first time when I had a problem, I asked Ms. Azimi. Also, she helped me, so I have known that how I can find the information. Moreover, Ms. Azimi invited the librarian to instruct the students about how to search the information, so I have known about this. However, I think that I will want the librarians to help me in the future, and I think that they will help me as much as they can. In addition, when I researched my topic, I got many rewards. The important thing is I have known that how to find the information on the Internet. This is the most important thing because this can help me when I study in the university and have to find the information for my research. Furthermore, I have gotten more knowledge about brown rice. The first time, I knew that brown rice has a lot of benefit, but I did not know that what exactly benefits it is and how many benefits it has. However, I have known more about this when I have researched my topic. Ultimately, I still have not gotten any frustration because I love to research about this topic. Indeed, I will try to do a great job for my research paper as much as I can. I promise!

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