Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Reaction essay

Under Siege

There was a sergeant who killed the captain and brought his member to take over the marine ship of the government. He also arrested a hero who was a cooker in the cooking room before he and his group took over the marine ship. A group of bad guys wanted a lot of money from the government. They contacted and threatened the government. If the government does not pay them a lot of money, they are going to use the missile in order to destroy the city. However, the hero could escape from arrest and contacted with the government. Therefore, the government had a hope to keep both money and the city. The hero released some marines that were arrested and they helped each other to fight with the bad guys. Ultimately, the hero and his group won and all of the bad guys were killed. Also, the hero could destroy the missile that was already released to destroy the city.

I really like this movie because I like action movie. It can make me feel excited when I saw this movie. However, I think that it is a little bit more over action. The hero was shot many times, but he had never gotten the shot. Also, he had never gotten hurt. In contrast, when the hero shot the bad guys, they are going to die or get hurt every time. I have known that a style of action movie is the hero always win and still stay alive at the end. I can guess that what is going on from the beginning. However, I still like to watch the action movie.

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