Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Introduction Assay

Three Reasons to Take A Bus

Transportation is an important thing that people often think about. Everyone needs transportation. Some people have to go to work, and some people have to go to school. Even if someone does not work or study, they still have places that they need to go. These days, there are many ways to get around such as bus, train, bike, car, and so on. Some people think about convenience, but some people are concerned about money. Taking a bus is the one choice that a lot of people choose. There are three reasons to take a bus. These include saving money, saving time, and saving the environment.


purple sun said...

I think number 2,3,4 sentences you do not really need them.Just my opinion.

Ai Nguyen said...

Thanks for your idea in my introduction. I think "save time" is a logic reason. I do not think so. And I think if I were you I should change the reason of transportation (to job, to school,..) into front of introduction.