Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Journal Entry #33

Supisa Somto (Peach)
Composition 4C
November 10, 2007

What are you going to do over the 3 day weekend?

The Three Days Weekend.

There is nothing special that I am going to do over the 3 days weekend. I don't think about this weekend, so I still don't have plan to do anything. However, when I knew that I have to write journal about what am I going to do this weekend, I just though about this. Now I have a little bit plan, but it is quite boring. The first day of weekend, I am going to finish my homework that I think I have to do it all day because I have a lot of homework. Many teachers like to give students too much homework in long weekend except my composition teacher. He always wants students write three journals every week although we don't have long weekend. If I can finish my homework on this Saturday, I can do other things on other days. The second day of weekend, I am going to do chores around the house such as washing the dishes, washing my clothes, cleaning bathroom, and so on. Since I live with my aunt, I have to help her to do chores. If I live with my parents now, I will not worry about this. I can ignore it. The last day of weekend, I will go to the mall. I just want to look some clothes. I am not going to buy anything because I knew that every mall will give the customers a big discount when the day after Thanksgiving. Therefore, I will wait until that day. However, I want to go to the mall this weekend because someone told me that on Thanksgiving many people are going to go to the mall early in the morning. When the mall open, a lot of people will hurry to go inside and take every thing that they like as quick as possible. I may don't have enough time looking for something. I will go to the mall before that day, and I will decide my mind that what I want. Also, I will try to wear the clothes that I like because I have to know that it is look good for me or not, and I have to know the size that suitable for me. Therefore, I can go to the mall on Thanksgiving, and I can take everything that I want quickly because I already knew what I want. In conclusion, I have three main things to do on this weekend even though it is not so exciting.

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