Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Daily Titan Comment

This article is very interesting and helpful for every student who enter to the college. There are three strategies that help students to cope the problems and survive in college under the circumstances. These include time management, goal setting and art of mastery. If the students use these strategies, I think that they can survive in college. I already graduated Bachelor degree in my country, and nobody or any article told me about how to survive in university. However, I learned to cope the problems by myself because the situations compelled me to survive in university and I had to do a good job. Since I am an only child, and my parents really want me to succeed in my life. In my opinion, I agree with this article about the first year in university. Freshmen usually have more problem about how to survive in college than other because they are not familair to college. They just went over from high school. They have to adjust themselves. Also, I believe that if the students can cope the problems very well in first year, they will succeed and do a great job in college. In my experience,the students may face the problems again when they are senior because they have to do a project or some job that usually not easy for finishing their college. I got very stress when I was senior because I will graduate or not depend on this year.

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