Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My perfect love.

My perfect love was my second ex-boyfriend. I cannot say that he was my really perfect love because we already broke up, but I believe that I am going to meet my perfect love in the near future. I really hope so. However, if I have to say about who my perfect love is, I have to say that my second ex-boyfriend was my perfect love that I had ever met because I don't have any boyfriend now. I really like his personality and the way that he treated to me. He is a very kind person. He is a gentleman. He is very polite, and he always took care of me. He called me every single day. When I got sick, he brought me to the hospital and waited for me until I met and talked to a doctor. He picked me up to school and dropped me off to home everyday when he still is my boyfriend. I really appreciate about this because his home is so far away from my home, but he came to take care of me everyday. He used to wait for me for an hour when we had appointment, but I did not come on time. Also, he has never complained about this, and he could wait for me when I had something to do and it took so long time. However, there was something that it made me to break up with him. I knew that he liked me and really cared of me, but he also liked other women too. Also, I can't stand about this. I talked to him about this before we broke up. He told me that it is very simple for guy to have other women, but I am his real one. He told me that I don't have to care about this because he loves me more than other. I think this was so weird. I told him that I don't want to be the first one, but I want to be only one. Therefore, we broke up. He still sent the flower to me in Valentine day last year after we broke up because he wanted to return again. However, I don't want to do that. I think it is enough between me and him. Although I don't have any boyfriend to celebrate with in this Valentine day, I am happy to celebrate Valentine day with my friend.

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Azimi Advanced Composition said...

Hello Peach, I'm so glad that you shared your thoughts about the perfect love. Actually, I believe that there is no Perfect Love. We all try to find the one person who is perfect; yet, there are no perfect humans so we just have to find the one that our heart tells us is the best. I'm so glad that you knew about your ex's love of many women. We call those men "womenizers" because they try to get many women and don't actually commit to just one. So he was not the best for you; you deserve better and so you broke up with him. That's all for the better. Thanks for sharing.
Mrs. Azimi