Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meaning of friend

Supisa Somto (Peach)
Advanced Composition Section 3
February 20,2008

A friend is a person who has main three characteristics. Friend has important role to the most people. Each other may have different ideas about friend. However, in my opinion friend should has main three characteristics. First, friend should understand each other. Friend is who you can talk everything. You are going to feel comfortable and happy when you talk with your friend. You sometime have humor inside with each other. Humor inside is something that you and your friend know, but other people don't know. When you say something, your friend gets it and feels funny. However, other people don't understand what you meant. Second, friend should has the honesty. It is an important thing that friend should has it. This characteristic has quite close relation with the first characteristic. You can talk everything to your friend and feel comfortable every time because you trust in your friend. The reasons are the friend don't lie each other, don't cheating, and don't fake. Friend has to say the truth. If you know later on that your friend lies you, next time you cannot believe when your friend say something. Also, you don't want to talk with people that lie you any more. Besides don't lie, to keep secrets is another thing that friend should do it. When you trust someone, you want to say anything with them that sometime you don't want other to know. That is why friend should keep secret. Finally, friend should help each other. When you get trouble, you want someone to help. Also, friend is who you think and want him or her to help you. You can know each other more when you have a problem. Since real friends always want to help you everything and everyway that they can. Helping each other is sometime just talk and advice some ideas. That is enough because when you get a hard time, you cannot think anything. You want someone to tell you that how you should do. Also, you sometime feel bad and want someone to talk together. Friend can talk something that make you feel better. I heard proverb about friend, and I think it is a good idea that I want to tell everyone. "It is easy to find friend for eating, but it is too difficult to find friend for die with us". In summary, a good friend is who has these three characteristics.

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s_o_l_m_a_z said...

i agree with you. friend has a importent role in our life and most of people comfortable with their friends and trust their it's important in our lif eto have a good friend.