Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Opinion about Pakistan Causes Worldwide YouTube Outage

In the present, the problems from the Internet affect many people in the world because the world in the present is a global network. Most people use the Internet to communicate each other and find some information. Also, many people use the Internet to pay their bill. If there are some problem happened to the Internet, it can hurt people. For example, if the Internet out of order, people who want to pay bill immediately will hurt because they cannot do that. Also, they might be charged for extra money because they pay lately. Although, the Internet sometimes affects a big problem, people still prefer using this high technology in many ways. Therefore, the communication companies should try to fix the problems that may happen to the Internet. Moreover, I have some opinions about some topics should be banned on the Internet including all of the communicating ways. I think that people who release some topic to the public should be concerned that it is suitable to public that or not because it may hurt or affect others. Also, it is good that the government and all of communication companies mention watching and having the rule to protect people from the unsuitable topic. People should deny accepting the bad information, but people sometimes don’t know that the information is good or bad. Therefore, the communication companies are responsible for releasing all of the information. It is important for everyone to respect others’ right. People should not take the right or hurt others for their advantages. It is certain that not only government and the communication companies but also everyone should worry about publishing the unsuitable information.

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