Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Journal Entry #17

Supisa Somto (Peach)
Composition 4C
October 7, 2007

Summarize the movie we are going to watch. :)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Toula is a member in Greek family. She is an antiquated person. She was born in a big family. She has 27 cousins. Her father quite strict about Greek and religion. He wants his daughter follows Greek rule and marries with Greek man. She is 30 years old, but she still doesn't marry. Her family has worried about this. They want her to get marry and have the baby. Her family has own restaurant. She works there. She has routine work and routine life. She did everything the same as everyday. In one day, She saw a man walk into her restaurant. Then she fell in love. After that day, She decided to change her life. She told her father that she want to take computer class. The first time, her father disagreed with her. However, her mother helped her to talk with her father. Ultimately, he said OK. Also, She has changed her style. She becomes a modern person. She wants to change her work. She wants to work at Tour Company that her aunt manages. She planed with her mother and her aunt to talk to her father. Also, she can accomplish. After that, She has worked at Tour Company. In the most interesting day, she went to work the same as everyday, and the man who makes her fell in love walked pass her work. Also, he saw her and interested in her. He came to see her again in other day, and he decided to walk into her work and talk to her. His name is Ian Miller. After that day, they went out together. The first time, he could not remember that he has met her before at her restaurant. However, he knew after. They love each other, but Toula knew that it is difficult for her to tell her parents because Ian is not Greek. Therefore, she had to lie her parents about this because she knew that her parents want her to marry with Greek man. However, her parents knew about this after. Her father doesn't like him, and he wants his daughter to separate with him. Toula worried about this. She told Ian that we cannot get marry. Ian tried to do everything because he love her. He wants to marry with her. He changed his religion. He baptized and become Greek man. He marries in Orthodox Church. Toula's parents give her and Ian a house in wedding day. Toula and Ian stay in this house after married where near to her parents' house. After married, they have a daughter, and they want their daughter to study at Greek school. They live together by happy.

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