Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Journal Entry #18

Supisa Somto (Peach)
Composition 4C
October 14, 2007

Topic: Playing sports has many advantages.

Playing Sports

There are many advantages of playing sports. The first advantage is good for our health. Playing sports can develope our physical. It can help us to stay healthy. For instance, when we play sports, we will have more energy because we have to move quickly. Therefore, we will be strong and fast person. Also, it can help us to improve metabolic rate. Moreover, we can control our weight because we have good metabolic rate. If we can control our weight, we can reduce the risk of many diseases that can be caused by over weight, e.g., diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, etc. When we play sport, our body will burn excess of fat and cholesterol. That is good for our health because exceeding fat and cholesterol can cause health problem. The second advantage is improvement our mind. Playing sports can help us to control stress. For example, when we play sport, we have to clam down. Since we have to follow the rules, we cannot get angry if we lose. Therefore, we can control anger. We will become respectful person. Also, when we feel stress, playing sports can help us to feel better. The third advantage is a smart person. We have to think that how to play it good and better than other. Also, we sometimes have to make decisions and solve the problems quickly when we play sports. Therefore, our brain can think and reaction quickly. These things can improve our brain and make us to become a clever person. The final advantage is good for social life. We can make many new friends from playing sport. For instance, we will meet a lot of people besides classmate or friend at workplace. Also, it is easy way to make friends because we are interested in same sport. Therefore, when we talk about sport, we can understand each other. Furthermore, if we can play sport very well, it can make us to become popular. Therefore, we will become well known to other. Also, most people want to know and talk to famous person. Indeed, we should play sports because playing sports has a lot of benefits.

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