Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Journal Entry #15

Supisa Somto (Peach)
Composition 4C
October 7, 2007

Research Halloween online and write a paragraph summarizing the holiday. No plagiarism! I'm watching you!


Halloween is an annual celebration day of Christian. It has origin in the catholic church. The first time, It is November 1. However, In the 5 th century, it has been changed to be the end of October. People called this day "Samhain". It is the new year of Celtic. On this day, Celt would turn off fire in their houses, and they wore ghost clothes and walked around neighborhood. They believed that this action can destroy spirit that looking for some bodies to own. America has known about custom of Haloween by Irish immigrants in the 1840's. People have believed that origin of the custom of trick-or-treating came from souling. Souling was a European custom. On this day, Chistian would walk to each other house and begged for soul cake that was made from square pieces of bread and currants. Who received soul cake would pray for donate. Also, they believed that it can hurry to send the soul to the heaven. In the past, people used turnip in Halloween. Since there is tale about a man named Jack who has known that liked to drink and tricked Satan. He trapped Satan on the tree, and he made a promise with Satan. If Satan has never tempt again, he will give Satan the freedom. After Jack died, he could not go to the heaven because he drank a lot. However, he didn't go to the hell because he tricked Satan. Also, Satan gave him the ember that was put in hollow of turnip to bring him through the darkness way. Therefore, Irish used turnip in Jack-o-lantern custom. However, when the immigrants came to USA. They met that pumpkin can find easily than turnip. Therefore, America has used pumpkin instead of turnip in Halloween. In the present, people just celebrate Halloween for fun. There are many activities in this day such as trick-or-treating, costume parties, and ghost tours. Trick-or-treating is an activity of children. The children will wear ghost costume and walk to each house. They will ask for treats that "trick or treat?" Also, adults will give children candy or chocolate. Besides trick-or-treating that is activity of children, there is costume parties for adults. The most people will wear fancy dress to go to the party. There are many kinds of fancy dress. Some people like to wear ghost dress, and someone like to wear beautiful dress, e.g., prince or princess dress. Also, popular movies and books are relate to costume party. People like to wear dress same as important actor in the popular movies. To summarize, Most people have a lot of fun in Halloween both children and adults.

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