Sunday, October 28, 2007

Journal Entry #26

Supisa Somto (Peach)
Composition 4C
October 28, 2007

Compare and contrast two sports.

The Similarities and Differences of Basketball and Soccer

Although basketball and soccer are similar in many ways, there are quite a few differences. There are four similarities between these two sports. First similarity is team work. Both basketball and soccer are sports that have to play by team. They cannot play these two sports by only one person. Also, they have to form a good team and each coach's tactic. They have to plan for team arrangement and playing style. The second similarity is how to make score to be more than the competitor to win. They have to bring the ball into the opposite goal for making score. The third way of similarity is to swap the playing area as there are two parts of in the field. When they play soccer, they have to change the playing area after the first half break. Also, they have to swap the playing area of ball court after the first half break is finished when they play basketball too. Finally, both sports can replace the player. Coach can replace the player during the game if they think that the game tactic should be changed, or coach think that another player is better in that situation. Besides many similarities, there are four differences way between basketball and soccer. The first difference is the place for playing. They have to play the soccer outdoor, whereas the basketball is almost played indoor. Second, the numbers of player in team are totally different between these two sports. They need eleven players for playing soccer. In contrast, the basketball needs only five players. Third, there are quite difference in method to play. They use only feet for playing soccer, while they have to use only hands for playing basketball. Finally, soccer has a goal keeper to protect the goal, but basketball don't have goal keeper. In conclusion, these two sports have both many similarities and differences ways to play. However, not only soccer but also basketball are good for health.

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