Monday, October 29, 2007

Journal Entry #28

Supisa Somto (Peach)
Composition 4C
November 4, 2007

Please post your pictures from the ALP Halloween party. Summarize the night and tell me what I missed!

ALP Halloween Party

On ALP Halloween party night, many ALP students came to party and wore the costume. Besides ALP students, ALP staffs and teachers came to party too. The party started 8.00 pm and finished at midnight. Somebody liked to wear a ghostly costume, but somebody liked to look great. Therefore, they wore a beautiful costume such as princely costume, angelic costume. ALP provided some foods for students. There are many kinds of food that we can chose for eating, e.g., California roll, sandwiches, spring roll, cookies, and soda. This party was dancing party, so most people spent more time dancing. I went there a little bit late about 8.45 pm because I waited for my friend. When I arrived there, the first what I did was eating. After that, I talked to my classmate and took a picture together. After that, I and my friends danced, but I danced a little bit. I could not join the party until midnight because I had to go back home with my friend. Also, my friend wanted to go back home about 11.00 pm. Therefore, I didn't know what happened after I went back. However, I can tell you that what you missed. First, you missed to have free dinner. This was the most important thing that you missed. Second, you missed to dance with your intelligent student. Third, you missed to see your student wore scary costume. You can see the pictures, but they are just the pictures. They are not the real. Finally, you missed to face the great atmosphere on that day. Indeed, you missed a lot of things, but you should feel sad a little bit not too much because you have a chance to go to Halloween party next year. Don't miss Halloween party next year!!!

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