Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Journal Entry #21

Supisa Somto (Peach)
Composition 4C
October 21, 2007

How to Find a Marriage Partner.

Finding a special person to get marry is not difficult, but you should have a good plan by following these steps. The first step is to go to a party. You should go to a party whenever you have a chance. Also, you have to wear a beautiful cloth and try to smile to other. The second step is looking for a special one. You have to scan people in a party and decide your mind who is the best one for you. Third, you should try to sit near him or her. You can pretend to find a seat and ask him or her that you can have a seat or not. If the special one sits with his or her friends, you can ask his or her friends. Otherwise if you are shy to do like this, you can just sit at the table near him or her. Then you have to find a chance to smile and greet him or her. You can start to say "Hi" and "How are you doing today?". After that, you can continue to talk to him or her if he or she wants to talk to you. You can start to talk about party. Also, when you feel comfortable and have more close relationship, you can talk and ask the special one about his or her lifestyle and behavior. When you talk more, you can decide your mind that you want to be more his or her friend or not. If you want to be more friend, you have to do the next step. The next step is dating. You should go out with the special one because you have to learn each other. You have to know each other more before you decide that he or she can be your girl friend or boy friend. After you have a boy friend or girl friend, try to keep your relationship. You should keep your relationship as long as possible. Also, you have to adapt yourself because each other have different idea. If you feel happy and comfortable to adapt yourself, you can go to the final step. Finally, you should marry with him or her when everything is ready.

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