Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Journal Entry #10

Supisa Somto (Peach)
Composition 4C
September 23, 2007

Today, I was selected as a possible juror (someone who performs jury duty). However, the court decided that they already had enough jurors. Part of me wishes that I could have participated in the case to see what it is like in the courtroom. However, part of me is glad that I don't have to miss class (because of my wonderful students and also the money).

In America, the legal system includes lawyers, judges, and jurors. How does the legal system work in your country? Who decides whether a person is innocent or guilty?

The Legal System in Thailand
The legal system in each country may be similar or different, but in my country Thailand, the legal system has persisted form the past until present. It is quite different if compare with America. While in America, there are lawyers, judges, and jurors, in Thailand, there are only judges and lawyers, but there is no juror. Lawyers perform their work the same as the other countries. They have to investigate and find many reasons and events to prove that the suspect is guilty or not. This needs reasonable evidence. Also, in law court they have to use high psychology to investigate person who is opposite side until they feel nervous. Therefore, people often feel do not confident when they are investigated by lawyer. Also, if they made guity, they sometime will talk the truth. That makes lawyers success in their career. Judges are the one who make decision that person is innocent or guity. Judges have to consider from event and evidence. There are three level courts in Thailand. If the people disagree with first court decision of judge, they can go to petition with higher court. Also, if they still disgree, they can go to petition with highest court. People cannot do anything after decision of Dika court, or highest court of Thailand. People have to respect and follow decision of judge in highest court without any argument. However, if the suspect wants to go to petition with the second and third court, they have to have more evidence than they prove in first court. I think that the legal system in Thailand is still not good enough. Since judge is only one person who can consider and deliver judgement to the suspects that they are innocent or guilty.

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