Friday, September 14, 2007

Journal Entry #8

Supisa Somto (Peach)
Composition 4C
September 16, 2007

Tell me about your dream vacation. Where would you like to go and why? What sort of things would you like to see and do?

My Dream Vacation
If I have a long vacation, I would like to go back to my country Thailand. I miss everything in my country. I would like to meet my parents and my friends. I think I have gotten homesick. I would like to go to Nakornsritammarath province with my friends. It is a biggest province of the southern Thailand. Somebody maybe think that the south of Thailand is so dangerous now because there is the news about some people's group has killed people there. However, Nakornsritammarath is safe. This province has never had dangerous event. I have many reasons why I want to go there. First, there are many interesting places. There are mountain, waterfall, and beach in one province. Morever, there are a lot of temples and opencut tin mine. Second, I like to eat "SATOR", kind of vegetable that has green color, strong smell, and we have to peel for eating seed inside. Nakornsritammarath people are celebrated for their SATOR. I can easy find SATOR to eat there, and it is a cheaper than other province. The most people in southern Thailand really like spicy food, and I like spicy food too. Therefore, I can eat a lot of spicy food. I think spicy food is very delicious. I don't want to talk about food more because it makes me hungry and want to eat now. Third, I feel comfortable to travel in my country because I can speak my language. Also, I can understand traditions and cultures of people there. Besides language and tradition, familiar weather is another reason that why I feel comfortable. I have gone to France. It is so cool, and there is rain almost all the time. I could not go to somewhere. I had to wait in the hotel for a long time. The most important finally, I don't want to spend my money to go to other country. I want my money is used in Thailand! I hope I will have a long vacation soon, and I am going to make my dream come true.


Jimmy said...

I think it is interesting that your dream vacation is in your home country. You are very patriotic!

Your paragraph is very good. It is well organized.

The most important finally--Finally

Pooh said...

I went to Thailand 2 times but I just stayed in Bangkok so I want to go to another places in Thailand. My home country is very close to your country and I can visit easily.

About your paragraph, I think it is very good with correct grammar and spelling. I have 1 thing to ask you, what does "The most important finally" mean? Does it means "Finally" ?