Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Journal Entry #4

Supisa Somto (PEACH)
Composition 4C
September 10, 2007

Letter to the Dean

Dear Dean,

My name is Supisa Somto. I am an ALP student. This is my second semester. Now I am studying level 4C. I really like fun lunch time because I can talk with my friend, teacher, conversation partner, and ALP officer. I can make the new friends from diiferent level. I can practice speaking and listening English. Also, ALP always provide sodas and water for us. I usually like to drink soda, so this is a great time for me. Moreover, I like to play volleyball with my friend. I always want to participate fun lunch. I would like to have a good relation with other people. The important things to have a good relation are spend time to talk and have activity with other people. I think that fun lunch is a good time that I can make many good things. I usually join fun lunch in summer semester. I have a fantastic time in fun lunch. However, I can join fun lunch only an half hour in this semester because my class schedules not suitable for enjoying fun lunch. Fun lunch time start from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm. Also, I have class from 8.00 am until 10.50 am, and I have to study again at 11.30 am until 12.45 pm on Wednesday. Therefore, I have time about thirty minutes to go to fun lunch. In my opinion an half hour not enough for me because I cannot do something. For instance, I cannot play volleyball because I have a little bit time. Things that I can do are just sit on the blanket and drink sodas. Also, I can talk to other people, but just a little bit because I have to prepare to study next class. I would like to participate all program that ALP provide for us because I think that it is interesting and useful for me. I would like to have more time to meet and have activity in fun lunch. Would you please to consider about my class schedules? I hope you can change my class schedules. I really appreciate.

PS. I am so sorry to bother you. Have a great day.

Best Regards,

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