Friday, September 28, 2007

Journal Entry #13

Supisa Somto (Peach)
Composition 4C
September 30, 2007

Write an academic paragraph. Try your best to give three reasons supporting the topic sentence. Don't forget to give examples and write a concluding sentence.

Topic sentence: There are several reasons to eat fruits and vegetables.

The Advantage of Eating Fruits and Vegetables.

There are several reasons to eat fruits and vegetables. First, eating fruits and vegetables can improve your health and body. They are excellent sources of the nutrients. They contain several vitamins, fiber, and minerals. For example, carrot is a good source of vitamin A. Vitamin A is useful to eyes. It can keeps eyes in good vision. Many kinds of fruit and vegetable contain vitamin C that it can keeps teeth and gums healthy. Moreover, human body needs mineral to maintain healthy. Fruits and vegetables can provide essential mineral for your health. Second, Fruits and vegetables can help you to reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack, and chronic disease. They contain phytochemical that prevent your body from many disease. For instance, carrot contains carotenoid, or kind of phytochemical, that help anti free radical. Free radical can cause many disease. Potassium in fruits and vegetables may help to maintain blood pressure. Also, eating more fruits and vegetables can help lower cholesterol. Higher cholesterol can cause dangerous disease. If you can control cholesterol level, you can reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack, diabetes, etc. Third, you can loss your weight if you eat more fruits and vegetables. Since most fruits and vegetables have fewer calories, low in fat, none have cholesterol, and high in fiber. Some people think many fruits contain more sugar because they are sweety. However, sugar in fruits is simple sugar. It is converted and digested in body easily. Also, if you eat a lot of fruits, it means you cannot eat a lot of meat and unhealthy foods. Therefore, you can control your weight. Finally, it can help you to evade a problem about intestinal. Vegetables and fruits are digested easily. Therefore, you are not going to get a problem inside the colon if you always eat fruits and vegetable. To sum up, due to above reason eating fruits and vegetables has many advantages for human body.

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